Sometime in the fall of 1897, a 32-year-old Otto Herman Josten, a repairman of jewelry and watches, set up shop on an upper floor of the Metropolitan Opera House in Owatonna, Minnesota. Throughout Josten’s life, and indeed throughout the entire history of the influential company his business grew into, this modest establishment of office and workshop has been celebrated as Jostens official beginning.


Over the next 20 years, Otto added the manufacturing and jobbing of pins, emblems, rings, and other items to his business, and he repaired pipes and phonographs as well as watches and jewelry. He often made sales calls himself and he eventually chartered the company as a corporation called Josten Manufacturing Company.


In the midst of a nationwide boom in yearbook sales, Jostens “the company” entered the yearbook printing and publishing business in 1950. Its American Yearbook Company at first nearly spun out of control from too many orders and late deliveries. To improve service, Jostens began a partnership with Western Printing and Lithography Company to jointly produce yearbooks, an arrangement that lasted two decades. Meanwhile, the company quietly advanced its own expertise in book making by acquiring two yearbook publishers, one in the mid-west and the other in California; then solely operating the new facilities. This strategy worked so well that in 1969 Jostens became the nation’s largest yearbook maker, and it has remained so ever since.


While our yearbook business remains enthusiastically popular and one of our most customer-pleasing endeavors, what is little known is that Jostens also offers high quality printing and binding services for the commercial customer. Located in Visalia, California—nestled in the foothills below the majestic Sierra Nevada and the gateway of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Jostens in California has specialized in small run, hardcover book printing and binding since 1964.  Additionally, softcover books, magazines, brochures, calendars, and mailing pieces, as well as a wide variety of other printed material are produced throughout the year.


We enjoy serving the needs of businesses, public agencies, and special interest groups. And because we love books, we have a timeless admiration for the self-publisher.  So please consider using us—Jostens in California, to print your next commercial project.


There is no friend as loyal as a book.

—Ernest Hemingway


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