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At Jostens, supporting your mission is our mission. We extend our mission to working with you as a valued supplier to help us help consumers tell their stories with keepsakes designed for a lifetime. The Jostens’ team is passionate about living and practicing our values, our Code of Conduct, and our Commitment to Sustainability in every interaction.


We are continuously upgrading our capabilities to accommodate all of your book manufacturing needs. And deliver the best quality product in the shortest amount of time.


Getting the Best Color


Guidelines to Help the Process


To give yourself the greatest probability of success­ in the production process, minimize unpleasant surprises and avoid surcharges, we strongly suggest utilizing the following checklist when preparing your files for submission.


Your personal estimator will give you instructions on who and where to send the files to.


Use Unique Filenames

When naming your files, utilize unique names like “Island Booklet” or “Dining Brochure" which make your files easily identifiable. Avoid using general file names like “document” as your “document” might be confused with another “document”.


Eliminate All Unnecessary Elements

Delete all non-used colors, patterns, and any other irrelevant elements from your files,

including those elements that might be invisible or hidden behind objects or within layers.


Make Spot Color Naming Consistent

If you’re utilizing spot colors in your files and you use the same spot color several times within the same document, be consistent in specifying each object’s color. If you’d like for us to convert certain spot colors to process colors, indicate where you’d like this done.


Use Acceptable File Formats

Acceptable Page-Layout File Formats:

.INDD - Adobe InDesign | .PDF - Portable Document File Format


Acceptable Image File Formats:

.JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group | .TIFF - Tagged Image File Format


Acceptable Graphic File Formats:

.EPS - Encapsulated PostScript


Provide Desktop Page Proofs

Before submitting files, print them to a PostScript laser printer. Submit these desktop page proofs along with your files. This allows us to check the content of your files against your proofs. Aside from size—if you’ve scaled your proofs, the content of your files should be exact in every way to the proofs you provide.


Package All Your Files

Using your page-layout application, choose the Package or Collect for Output function to copy all the graphics and fonts required for your project.


Provide Contact Information

In a work order or cover letter (or if you’re using Adobe InDesign, the Instructions file created by InDesign), list your name, company name, and phone numbers, including after-hours numbers. Also include your document specifications (quantity, page size, colors, and so on), because this information becomes part of the job ticket that accompanies your job through the production process.




Please follow the step-by-step instructions below for downloading and installing the provided Jostens Printing Color Settings File (.csf) and Jostens Printing PDF Export Settings (.joboptions).


Step 1

Download the following two files and save them to a location that is easy to find, such as the desktop.  [ Jostens Printing.csf | Jostens Printing PDF.joboptions ]


Step 2

Open Adobe Photoshop


Step 3

Go to 'Edit > Color Settings' [ Screenshot ]


Step 4

Select 'Load'


Step 5

Browse to the 'Jostens Printing.csf' file that was downloaded [ Screenshot ]


Step 6

Select 'Open' then 'OK'. Leave Photohop running.


Step 7

Open Adobe Bridge


Step 8

Go to 'Edit > Color Settings' [ Screenshot ]


Step 9

Highlight the 'Jostens Printing' item [ Screenshot ]


Step 10

Select 'Apply' and leave Bridge running. [ Screenshot ]


Step 11

Open Adobe InDesign


Step 12

Go to 'File> Adobe PDF Presets> Define' [ Screenshot ]


Step 13

Select 'Load'


Step 14

Browse to the 'Jostens Printing PDF.joboptions' file that was downloaded [ Screenshot ]


Step 15

Select 'Done' [ Screenshot ]


Step 16

Close all Adobe Creative Suite applications


The next time you open any Adobe Creative Suite application, those color settings will be active, and any new documents you create will inherit them.  When it is time to export your PDF to submit for printing, make sure your InDesign document has bleeds defined (at least .125”) and use the Jostens Printing PDF export setting.


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