Being a responsible neighbor is important to us. This means that in addition to our support of managed forestation projects, we’re constantly looking for any opportunity where we might reduce, reuse, or recycle. Green initiatives not only benefit the environment, but are beneficial to family life as well.


Because we recognize and understand that each pound of recycled waste material is one less pound of waste material going to a local landfill, we consistently work at recycling materials whenever possible.

In the calendar year 2012, our recycling efforts produced the following results:


Paper = 2,240,000 lbs.

Cardboard = 151,000 lbs.

Plastics = 12,000 lbs.

Aluminum = 422,110 lbs.

Iron = 2,500 lbs.




Jostens commercial print operations can meet virtually any business communications need.


All under-one-roof, time- and cost-saving solutions for even your most diverse requirements.


Working with Jostens

What We Can Print For You

Hard cover and paper cover books


Short-run digitally printed books


Catalogs, magazines, brochures, newsletters,

flyers, posters and calendars


Manuals, directories, journals, annual

reports and Armed Forces publications


Children's books, textbooks and

commemorative books


Quick-turn real estate guides

and sports programs


Music tour books, slip cases and dust jackets


So much more – just ask!

At Jostens, supporting your mission is our mission. We extend our mission to working with you as a valued supplier to help us help consumers tell their stories with keepsakes designed for a lifetime. The Jostens’ team is passionate about living and practicing our values, our Code of Conduct, and our Commitment to Sustainability in every interaction.


We are continuously upgrading our capabilities to accommodate all of your book manufacturing needs. And deliver the best quality product in the shortest amount of time.


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